Healthy Home Center

The Healthy Home Center is your one-stop-shop sales and service center for all your air quality home and office needs. Our staff are trained and certified air quality consultants mold and asbestos technicians, certified flood restoration and duct cleaning technicians. All our technicians and consultants are police security checked for your peace of mind.


Mold & Asbestos Removal

Most people believe mold can be removed by washing it away with a brush and bleach. This will only remove the surface mold and not solve the underlying problem. The mold will return and spread quickly which can cause serious health problems.

Here at Healthy Home Center we will perform viable air testing and find the cause of your mold problem. Protecting you against future mold growth in your home or commercial properties.

Ultrafine Particles (UFP)

All indoor occupant activity generates particles, skin cells, dander, dust mite fecal matter, mold, metals, etc. over time. These particles break down and become UFPs. These particles are repeatedly pulverized by conventional vacuuming, mechanical system agitation, occupant activity, road traffic vibration, wind, and gravity.

Dust Free and Low VOC Rebuilds

Dust free renovations and low VOC basement refinishing rebuilds. Complete basement renovation services using the latest mold resistant, low VOC materials. Build it right with defenses against moisture and mold that last a lifetime.

Complete reconstruction services for post remediation rebuilds. HHC dust free renovation or construction services while under negative pressure for a dust free work environment.

Post Construction or Renovation Deep Cleaning

Ultrafine particle cleaning is a necessary step prior to building occupancy to ensure your environment is healthy and free of aerosolized toxic building particulate. Have a trained hazardous material technician quickly and professionally ensure your post-construction home is a healthy home.

Hoarding Cleaning Services

Not all clean-up specialists are created equal. Our team meets the standard for education and training by recognized institutions (live link to “About Us”) on how to correctly implement the clean-up. Our technicians are sympathetic and compassionate and trained in bio-hazard remediation. Only trained technicians have the skill set, equipment, and the right product applications that can quickly, and safely restore a healthy environment.

Animal waste and bio-remediation

Our cleaning staff are able to address decomposition, odor, feces, urine and all types of bio-remediation conditions. Our cleaning and chemical products are designed to effectively control the odor and sanitize the environment. Our technicians are equipped to temporarily contain and depressurize the work area or site during the product application and cure times to ensure homeowner health and comfort.

Healthy Basements

A healthy home begins with a healthy basement. As hot air rises, airborne particulates migrate from the basement to the upper levels of our homes (stack effect). This building pressure differential is constant regardless of the season (cool summer basements with hot attics).

Typically, basements are prone to dampness, less airflow and cooler temperatures. All the ingredients required to precipitate mold growth and dust mite amplification. Cooler concrete and framing assemblies routinely suffer from condensation and frost.

Duct Cleaning

If not properly cleaned and maintained your ducts may become contaminated with particles of dust, pollen or other debris. If moisture is present, the potential for microbiological growth (e.g., mold) is increased and spores from such growth may be released into your home’s living space. Some of these contaminants may cause allergic reactions or other serious problems.

The Healthy Home Center technician uses a powerful demount able HEPA duct cleaning vacuum system duct-ed directly into your furnace system and manually spin brushes each duct for the ultimate duct cleaning performance.

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