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Asbestos Service In Ottawa

Don’t Take Any Chances When It Comes To Asbestos

If you suspect you have asbestos in your home or office, call us to identify, then safely remove and dispose of the asbestos prior to renovation, demolition, or any construction projects.

Asbestos is dangerous when crumbled, pulverized or aerosolized and can cause serious health conditions if one is exposed. Don’t take risks and leave the clean-up to the professionals for your health and safety.

  • We are a team of professionally trained Abatement Technicians
  • We follow the abatement protocols outlined by the federal government (O.Reg. 278-05)
  • We practice safe, environmentally-approved disposal of asbestos

We will come in and give you an estimate for the removal and cleanup of the asbestos.

We provide fast, efficient and reliable services.

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