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Asbestos Service In Ottawa

Don’t Take Any Chances When It Comes To Asbestos

If you suspect you have asbestos in your home or office, call us to identify, then safely remove and dispose of the asbestos prior to renovation, demolition, or any construction projects.

Asbestos is dangerous when crumbled, pulverized or aerosolized and can cause serious health conditions if one is exposed. Don’t take risks and leave the clean-up to the professionals for your health and safety.

We will come in and give you an estimate for the removal and cleanup of the asbestos.

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Do you have asbestos in your attic?

Ensure Your Home is Safe, Healthy and Hygienic

Was your home built before 1986? If so, have you had an inspection performed to check for the presence of asbestos? It is a toxic building material that was commonly used in constructions taking place back then, and it poses a risk to your health and safety if you have it in your attic or in other areas of your home.

Why Do Some Homes Have Asbestos?

Asbestos was used in Canada until 1986 in construction as well as when renovating much older homes. Therefore, owners of new properties from that era or those living in heritage properties are at equal risk of living in an asbestos-containing environment. Most homes built before the 1980s also have attics, which can have a particularly high quantity of asbestos present in their construction. This is largely because the material was praised as a fire retardant and highly efficient insulator against the cold weather and noise. However, it was later revealed that asbestos poses health and safety risks.

Health Risks of Exposure

This particular mineral can be found not only in homes and attics but also in car and truck brake pads and even in auto transmission components like clutches. Long-term exposure to asbestos results in continuous inhalation of its fibre particles and can lead to lung scarring or lung cancer. However, if asbestos is tightly sealed, left undisturbed, or isolated in the home, there are no health risks. The biggest risk occurs when older homes are being renovated or demolished as this can release asbestos fibres into the air. That’s why it’s crucial to conduct a home inspection and check for asbestos and other designated substances before beginning to tear down any walls, floors, or ceilings in an older home.

How Our Removal Services Work

Attic asbestos vermiculite is a designated substance that is commonly known as loose fill insulation. During the removal process, we take extreme precautions to contain the work area to eliminate dust or fibers from entering the home or office. Cross-contamination is extremely easy, so special precautions are taken, and we ensure all affected areas are fully contained. We perform removals delicately and thoroughly in accordance with industry guidelines, and provincial certifications in your area, using state-of-the-art equipment and applying our years of experience. Avoid disturbing asbestos yourself and let us do the work for you to ensure your family’s health and safety for years to come.

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