Renovations & Rebuilds

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Renovations & Rebuilds2021-12-11T16:58:17-05:00

The Healthy Home Center team has 25 years of healthy home dust free, low VOC experience.

All work areas are treated as hazmat (hazardous materials) zones.

Technicians install critical barriers and use work zone exhaust fans to discharge construction dust from the building interior during all renovation/construction activity.

Kitchens, bathrooms and basements are rebuilt or renovated using the newest anti-microbial or fungal resistant materials with built in defenses against moisture and mold growth.

Our professional technicians are able to design, create plans, and help you choose the best materials for your renovations or complete rebuilds.

Post Construction

All construction activity creates excessive dust. Older homes may have disturbed mold, asbestos, or lead particles during the construction process. Simple cleaning is NOT ENOUGH.

Ultrafine particle cleaning is a necessary step prior to building occupancy to ensure your environment is healthy and free of aerosolized toxic building particulate. Have a trained hazardous material technician quickly and professionally ensure your post-construction home is a healthy home.

Ultrafine particle counting requires specialized vacuums, air scrubbers, fogging equipment, and training to safely remove construction-related debris residue. Asbestos-containing construction material was used in Canada until 1985, lead-based paints were used in homes built up to the mid 60s. Mold may be present in all homes – new or old. Construction activities aerosolizes these particulates, which then settle on all surfaces of our homes. Only true ultrafine particle cleaning can address these settled contaminates.

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