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/Passionate About His Work!

Passionate About His Work!

We were very concerned when we found mould in our basement while removing insulation, and even more concerned when we realized that the mould spores had been inadvertently spread throughout our home.

Thank goodness for Gabriel and his team who were beyond amazing. Gabriel was patient when explaining the mould remediation work to us, and throughout the process he was available to answer questions and address concerns. To say they were thorough is a real understatement. They cleaned the home from top to bottom using only cleaners that were safe for use with our young daughter who has chronic breathing problems and asthma.

The bulk of the work was done in our basement, where they cleaned and isolated our HVAC while safely removed the remaining insulation, spray-treating the studs and joists, and wiped down or hepa vacuumed all of our surfaces and basement storage. They even went so far as to individually wipe each DVD case.

They were respectful of our space, they went above and beyond in their work, and most importantly the completion air testing showed that the air throughout our home was probably the cleanest it had ever been.

We would not hesitate to recommend them!

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