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Environmentally Friendly Insulation

A house is not a home without sufficient insulation, helping you keep temperatures, relative humidity, and even indoor air quality under control. Your attic is an essential space in this regard; sitting directly under your roof, it’s targeted the most by inclement weather, broiling summer heat, and potential damage to the exterior of your home such as missing shingles. 

At the Healthy Home Center, we take attic insulation seriously because we know how dramatic of an impact it can have not only on the efficiency of your home, but also its long-term durability. Our experts will ensure you have sufficient coverage in all the right places, utilizing state-of-the-art insulation materials and tools to get the job done right.  

We have environmentally friendly insulation products available for your attic that will keep you both warm and healthy! Discuss your options with us.

The Right Materials for the Job

Our team is deeply passionate about ensuring your home is protected, comfortable, and free of risks to the health of occupants. In fact, it’s why we utilize blown cellulose and/or fibreglass in our high-efficiency attic insulation projects. These materials meet or exceed the National Building Code thermal mass and heat retention guidelines with an R60 rating, enabling for your property to become not only more energy efficient but also easier to heat and cool throughout the year.

Blown Cellulose or Fibreglass

Now your attic is ready for expertly installed high efficiency blown in cellulose or fiberglass insulation meeting or exceeding the National Building Code thermal mass and heat retention guidelines.  The minimum R value according to the National Building Code is R40 up to R60 for attics.

Fiberglass insulation is made primarily of sand and glass fibers. It is naturally non-combustible and therefore requires no additional fire-retardant chemical treatments. It decreases energy costs with its high R-value and is good for gaps around batt insulation especially in attics and other wall cavities.

If contaminated insulation was removed from the attic of your home it can alternatively be replaced with blown cellulose insulation.

Cellulose is an environmentally friendly replacement comprised of recycled wood products, mainly newspapers mixed with non-toxic products that inhibit mould, fire and pests.

Both blown in products are ideal for filling difficult spaces and cavities resulting in a warmer healthier home.

Call today for an appointment to insulate your home’s attic!

Fibreglass Insulation

Fibreglass insulation utilizes a combination of sand and glass fibres in its construction. This makes the material non-combustible, removing the need for toxic fire-retardant chemical treatments and keeping your home healthy. Along with the aforementioned high R-value, it’s a great fit for wall cavities and other nooks and crannies in your attic – even the most oddly-shaped and most cramped spaces can benefit from proper insulation as a result.

Cellulose Insulation

We also utilize cellulose-based insulation in our attic projects. This is an environmentally-friendly alternative, comprised primarily of recycled wood products. These recycled materials include newspapers and non-toxic products, which helps to resist pests, mold, and even fire. Much like with fibreglass, no chemical retardants are needed in the construction of cellulose insulation for your attic. 

These blown-in insulation products are the most effective, efficient, and by far the safest ways to keep your home’s indoor temperature and air quality under control. From cold winters to hot summer nights, you need to depend on your attic being protected from the elements, which also leads to improved long-term roof and structural health by resisting mold spores and other risks. Contact our team today to arrange an appointment, and let’s ensure your home’s attic is sufficiently insulated.