Mold is created when organic material is exposed to moisture.

    Using a technique called “moisture mapping”, our technicians can discover the most likely areas where mold can take root.

    Our technicians are trained to identify the cause of your mold problem.

    Not only do we remove the existing mold – we also eliminate the source of the moisture.

    This multi faceted approach ensures that the mold is dealt with – once and for all.

    Healthy Home Center technicians can safely remove the mold in your office or home without inconveniencing your family or staff. We are able to do this through the use of heavy duty tarps to separate work and living areas. We also use industrial strength machines which help to exhaust toxic air before it has a chance to become dangerous.

    Everything we do is designed to ensure the absolute safety of your valued staff and loved ones.

    Healthy Home Center technicians are trained to design and install a system that ensures a particle-free environment. Our main priority is the health and safety of the people who live or work there.




    • Bulk sample testing for asbestos surveys prior to renovations or building demolition
    • Post abatement, Type 3 clearance air testing to comply with Ontario Regulation 278/05
    • Exposed level testing – commercial and residential
    • Occupational Health and Safety Act, Ontario Regulation 278/05 considers you the homeowner / business owner, the employer. Any renovation work performed in your home or office by subcontractors that involves buildings built before 1985 may be exposing workers and occupants to asbestos fibers. This makes you, the owner, liable for what is aerosolized during construction. Find out first and eliminate the risk. Call today for an asbestos evaluation to your home or office.
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