Healthy Basements

    A healthy home begins with a healthy basement. As hot air rises, airborne particulates migrate from the basement to the upper levels of our homes (stack effect). This building pressure differential is constant regardless of the season (cool summer basements with hot attics).

    Typically, basements are prone to dampness, less airflow and cooler temperatures. All the ingredients required to precipitate mold growth and dust mite amplification. Cooler concrete and framing assemblies routinely suffer from condensation and frost.

    A healthy basement is possible! It simply requires the knowledge, skill set, and building science necessary to implement. Modern material and mechanical equipment have fundamentally revolutionized healthy basement living. THERE IS A SOLUTION!

    The Healthy Home Center team consists of police-checked, experienced, certified mold, asbestos, bio-remediation technicians including our CMHC recognized “Healthy Home Builder and Renovator” head consultant.

    Each basement renovation begins with a no charge air quality consultation to determine foundation assembly moisture content levels, mechanical system compatibility, site grading, moisture management, and building code compliance.

    Modern building techniques, new materials and superior damp-proofing membranes have provided astute homeowners with the opportunity to design and convert their “basement” into a sustainable healthy living space. Most existing mechanical systems can be inexpensively altered to provide warmth, improved airflow and sustained moisture control. A healthy basement begins at the design stage. Trust the training, knowledge, and experience of the

    Healthy Home Center team to design, build, and deliver your healthy basement. Call today for your free consultation.

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