Manually brushed HEPA duct cleaning with powerful, demountable HEPA duct cleaning vacuum systems ducted directly onto your furnace system while a technician manually spin brushes each and every duct for the ultimate duct cleaning performance.



    The Healthy Home Environmental Solutions duct cleaning technician utilizes state-of-the-art demountable, powerful vacuum systems that are assembled directly on your furnace main duct.

    These 3-part vacuums are very powerful suction devices (5000 cfm).

    Once assembled in your mechanical room, the system is slowly brought up to peak vacuum performance (so as not to crush your duct work)
    The technician manually brushes your duct with a spinning soft ball brush on the end of a drill. High pressure air and the brush dislodge and blow all duct debris back to the vacuum mounted in your furnace or air handling unit. Each and every duct is methodically cleaned to ensure complete system decontamination removal.