All animal waste contains bacteria and must be cleaned quickly and professionally by a trained, equipped and experienced odor control technicians. Our police checked service technicians are IICRC and ABRA certified for all types of bio-hazard removal and cleaning. Our technicians are equipped with the latest personal protection and cleaning equipment.

  • Animal waste discovered in your home or yard
  • Pet or skunk odors
  • Animal decomposition (dead squirrels, mice etc)
  • Bird droppings in your attic or commercial air exchanger
  • Bat waste in your eaves or roof soffits
  • Sewage, blood or biohazard spills

Indoor pet and animal urine odors are much more volatile on hot humid or rainy days. Odorcide or fogging or a combination of both may be required to completely disinfect the affected areas.

Our cleaning staff are able to address decomposition, odour, feces, urine and all types of bio-remediation conditions. Our cleaning and chemical products are designed to effectively control the odour and sanitize the environment. Our technicians are equipped to temporarily contain and depressurize the work area or site during the product application and cure times to ensure homeowner health and comfort.