Our Services

Mold & Asbestos Removal

Mold, asbestos, flood, remediation, abatement and clean-up. Emergency response with industry certified and trained technicians.

Our technicians are industry certified and experienced. Every technician has been police checked and follows strict client confidentiality guidelines.

Duct Cleaning

Manually brushed HEPA duct cleaning with powerful, demountable HEPA duct cleaning vacuum systems ducted directly onto your furnace system while a technician manually spin brushes each and every duct for the ultimate duct cleaning performance.

Dust Free & Low VOC Rebuilds

Dust free renovations and low VOC basement refinishing rebuilds. Complete basement renovation services using the latest mold resistant, low VOC materials. Build it right with defences against moisture and mold that last a lifetime.

Complete reconstruction services for post remediation rebuilds. HHC dust free renovation or construction services while under negative pressure for a dust free work environment.

Ultrafine Particles (UFP)

Ultrafine Particles refer to the very small particles and dust that accumulate in our indoor environment and become so fine that they become aerosolized. UFPs “are believed to have several more aggressive health implications than those classes of larger particulates”

Post Construction or Renovation Deep Cleaning

All construction activity creates excessive dust. Older homes may have disturbed mold, asbestos, or lead particles during the construction process. Simple cleaning is NOT ENOUGH.

Hoarding Cleaning Services

Is clutter taking possession of your life? Is hoarding affecting your health and living environment? Our professionally certified and compassionate team can help you clear-out unnecessary clutter and restore your home to a healthy indoor environment.

Animal waste and bio-remediation

All animal waste contains bacteria and must be cleaned quickly and professionally by a trained, equipped and experienced odor control technicians. Our police checked service technicians are IICRC and ABRA certified for all types of bio-hazard removal and cleaning. Our technicians are equipped with the latest personal protection and cleaning equipment.